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so, its my birthday next wednesday

& dont get me wrong? not a big deal, i guess, its just a day, i forgot it even happened last year, but

thats the whole thing. ive gone from 19 to 21 here, that's longer than i ever imagined staying, which has left me thinking about how long ive been here

what was your favorite mission? what do you think youve learned, from being here? who have you met that youre going to miss when you go home? what moment sticks with you the most? or, idk, anything you wanna talk about. we always get stuck on the negative stuff,
& i get it, its easy to get stuck there

but there is more than that. & i think that its important for us to remember that.

so, i will go first, i guess. i think my favorite mission was zeta-12. definitely. the squidges are great and i still think about it there sometimes. it was nice feeling like we made a difference there and helped that species continue. if youre curious, here is beaker and scooter now.

( there's a picture attached of two full-grown squidges, apparently holding hands and puzzling over a plant native to Zeta-12. be glad it's text mode, or Peter might be getting misty about his alien baby. )

ive learned that there is no such thing as protecting someone from the truth. im going to miss my friends. i already miss some of them that have transferred. im going to miss my boyfriend, though he may or may not kill me for using that word and then i wont have to miss anybody. and... i think woodhurst is always going to stick with me the most.

so, thats me. im sure we all have our own stories. id like to hear them, if you wanna share.
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[Mettaton looks, for lack of a better word, hideous. His hair is frayed and patches of his beautiful chrome finish have been blackened from the flames. Parts of the pink paint on his chest have been eroded from acid. The various nicks and scuffs across his body don't do him any favors either, and neither does the occasional sparks shooting from his shoulder where a neat little pauldron used to be.

Still, he's smiling. It's not very bright, but what isn't there to smile about. They're leaving, aren't they?

In frame, he begins to waggle a bright, red bottle. Whether it's small because of its size or because a large robot is holding it is another story.]

If anyone requires healing before we shuttle ourselves out of here, I found a few potions I'm not going to need. All I ask for is the bottle back when you're finished.

If anyone else can provide service, I'd suggest letting others know here. Goodness knows 6 potions aren't going to help everyone.

((Feel free to threadhop and have characters mingle for help/items!))
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So, who in Audentes knows what to do with a sword? Because Fugo and I, who don't have the first clue, have found one.

[Giorno sounds. A little sour about this. Couldn't find anything useful, clearly! That would be too easy!]

Show the nice people, please. Wave it around or something.

[But the focus of this video is Fugo, who is holding the sword looking equally sour; he’s got both hands on the hilt, with the pointy bit pointed towards the ground. He rolls his eyes at the request for dramatics and… lifts it a bit higher? Knight in shining armor he is not.]

This was buried beneath a stone cairn on the edge of a lake. I don’t know how the hell it managed to escape water damage and keep its edge—the rocks it was buried under didn’t look as if they had been disturbed in a long while.

[Fugo then proceeds to squint suspiciously at the weapon, as if giving it a dirty look will make it give up its secrets. Since his model is useless, Giorno moves so that he's the focus of this post again, looking wide-eyed and concerned and Focused On Teamwork, probably.]

There was a notebook with it, full of information that would probably have been incredibly useful if it hadn't been destroyed by the water of the lake. But what we could read says something about "piercing armor". It's possible that has nothing at all to do with this mysteriously rust-resistant and portentous sword, but there's also another fairly obvious possibility.

[Here he turns to Fugo, who continues to be less than impressed. And tired. Not that either of things are unusual for Fugo in general, but he's looking especially annoyed and worn out.]

Regardless. Has anyone found signs of or any last wills and testaments mentioning some sort of unusually dangerous monster? Robot? Whatever. Who fucking knows what’s waiting for us deeper in this shining example of an interstellar justice system. Whatever it is, it’s got armor that needs piercing that we should probably take into account.

( ooc ; feel free to theorize wildly in this post as per usual. both fugo & giorno will be responding! )
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[The magitek isn't pointed at Urahara, but rather filming the area around him, but even if the username didn't give him away, the lilting overly exciteable terrier voice of his does.]

Good morning, everyone~

I know we're all very tired of this maze and whatever might be waiting for us once we get to the end, but it didn't feel right not to show you all this.

[The magitek shows one of the walls of the maze where an engraved bull's head stands out. Yeah.] I thought this might have been a bit of gallows humor from some of the previous inmates, but it's a reoccurring motif throughout the maze around here.

[A dry chuckle as he turns to face the camera, hatless and exhausted looking. Goddamn he misses his hat.] And if you're not up on your Greek mythology... Well, let's just say this situation could get even more frustrating. It's a shame Achilles-san has left us- perhaps he might have appreciated this in an odd sort of way.
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[The sound of the jungle can be heard in the background: singing birds and buzzing insects, obviously, but also gently flowing water. Fiona has found a small waterfall which seems to be the best and safest source of water, as far as she's concerned.]

So. Unless some of us have found a grocery store hidden behind some of this jungley stuff, we're going to be running low on food. Very soon. Fruit's fine, but it'll only get you so far -- we'll need protein if we want to survive this.

Luckily, you have a survivalist on your team!

I'm going to go ahead and assume most of you haven't had bushmeat before, and while eating giant monster rats, uh, admittedly does not sound super appetizing, it's all we have right now. Unless someone wants to try the giant monster lizards. With poison for blood.

Anyway. I'm happy to do the butchering and cooking if you're squeamish. Call it a fleeting bout of altruism.
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[So maybe it's been a while since you've seen Everyone's Favorite Skeleton! Because it has. But don't worry, he is still here, just as loud and annoying sounding as before.]


[What a way to preface this. He appears to have a notebook he's been writing in, and keeps it in his hands for the duration of this post.]

ONE! What are your favorite parts of the maze you've experienced so far!! Was it that impenetrable walls?? The laser net?? The lizards?? The less handsome and completely anti-social skeletons? Or fill in your own answer!

TWO! What would you do to improve this maze?? Lava? Cannons? More traps leading into spiked pits?? I'm thinking that last one, myself. Or, again, fill in your own answer!

Please vote with your answers!
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[The recent change of scenery, from the dry stone of the labyrinth's walls, decorated only occasionally with vines, to a much more vibrant sort of setting full of plants and water. It certainly seems more peaceful, even if it isn't. Zenyatta seems to have taken to it well enough, with his prison jumpsuit still on, although the top half of is just wrapped around his waist. Yeah, he just wears whatever he's put in, although it already has a few holes in it.

He's not bothered by the slight drizzle of rainfall currently happening, either. But can you really tell, with an unmoving faceplate like his?

Greetings, everyone. I apologize if I have been ... standoffish, recently. Sometimes I forget how quickly time passes, especially so when I am meditating.

It has come to my attention lately that I am not the only one who could benefit from from the act of meditation.

[You people know who you are.]

I know that the situation we find ourselves in right now is not the easiest, and it has not been easy in some time. But it is exactly because of this, that we must be resolute in our tranquility. Guard well your thoughts, and the rest will follow.

Please seek me out, should you need help in finding your tranquility, or even if you simply would like someone to talk to. Also, if you require healing. Now that I have found these again-

[His orbs, finally back around his neck and floating.]

I will be able to help restore others physically as well. Be careful, my friends.
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[Well, this is the first time Giovanni's ever addressed the network as a whole, and apparently he's using it to say--]

I suppose I should have done this sooner really, rather than pointlessly holding on to these things. But if anyone should require them, I have a few blankets to spare, along with some dried meat. It's not as though I especially need it for myself, so first come first served.

[There's a brief pause, and then--]

I suppose I should add, I've no idea what kind of animal this meat is from. Could be human for all I know. Hahah.

[And on that cheery note, the transmission abruptly ends.]
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I have few doubts in the work we have been doing for ALASTAIR. Rarely simple as it has been, but it has been eye-opening work nonetheless.

Yet, still.


How long do you foresee yourself in Audentes?

How much is enough before returning to where you belong?

I wonder.
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Morning, darlings. No, this isn't a call to share, not quite yet.

There wouldn't happen to be any healers capable of mending broken bones on the team, would there? Dearest George has hurt himself and, instead of doing the reasonable thing and seeking help from his team, he's decided it's much more effective to lumber around with the enemy.

This won't do. You all know why.

So. If anyone would please do him a favor and take care of that? And take HIM away from his current company. Thank you.

Just as an interesting little side-note, it seems our blue friend hasn't the foggiest about her own team's exploits when it comes to ALASTAIR. Just thought that was fascinating.
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-- one moment, my lord.

[ The feed connects, and immediately reveals a number of dark, slightly-damp arrows that outline what appears to be just one more stray passage through the interior of the maze. Alongside the opening, the cooling body of something large and bestial. In frame is Ninurrta, which means Hayame must be holding the magitech. ]

Now? Oh. Everyone, Hayame and I have located the way through to the next ring of this place.

It is located in section four, near to a large lake. We have, um. Marked the path to the best of our ability.

[ By the mess on his hands, as the camera pans over him - capturing the lake in frame, before returning to the passageway in question - they've marked it with "paint". ew. ]

We do not know what lies ahead, nor will we be responsible for your lives.

So cool...

[ Judging that to be enough, Hayame lowers the magitech- but it's still filming the floor and her equine forelegs as she rustles in her pouch for something, voice muffled by the extraneous noise. ]

Please, use this to cleanse yourself, my lord. The beast's filth will contaminate you-

[ Please get magitech lessons. ]

Nn- it's fi- HaYAME -- !

( OOC - Haymaker and Neeners have located the entrance to the next layer of the maze!

The log for this is going live on the 22nd, so replies on this will be slightly delayed because of timezones and the mod calendar, yo. )
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[ tap, tap—is this thing on? ]

Well, Audentes, it’s certainly be a trip. [ and he says that with finger quotes. ] Out of the frying pan and into the fire, that should be our motto.

[ for someone stuck in a maze, Loki still manages to find his confidence. ]

As we take a stroll through the maze and await the next hit single of its proprietor, I—or we, rather—would like to share a few words with you. Our Zymandis tag-a-long has spoken with us regarding some of our curiosities.

Unlike ALASTAIR, Zymandis has a fully functional chain of command, all the way from the higher ups to the underlings. Commanders and sub-commanders and the whole bit, going all the way to the tippy top under their leader … you know—Leader. [ he’s just gonna add that right in on there as a good rub. ] They recruit based on volunteers, and have seen their own share of those slipping through the cracks in the multiverse to end up where they are. It seems that this Mavahari is indebted to them through her rescue, and has pledged her life to follow their blah blah blah rebirth narrative blah blah blah.

Not only that, but they believe that the rebirth itself will prevent the next shatter of our dear multiverse. If the entropy is allowed to play out as is, the result will be much of what happens with Surtur gets his hands on something—burnt to a crisp.

Now, we’re not here to start another back-and-forth, however … we still do have the little detail of our Zymandis stowaway. She’s a political assassin, so I’d suggest not doing much to anger her. [ he’s looking at you Thor. ] For now at least.

[ OOC NOTE | please feel free to threadjack, discuss, &c! the thread with the Zymandis agent is here for all who'd like to reference it. ]
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[The feed cuts to a familiar sight - it's Mettaton, darlings. He's lounging, as per usual, on what appears to be a still-standing piece of the ship. If anyone had been paying attention, it's where he's mostly been for the past few days outside of scavenging and playing nurses' assistant.]

Gooooooood evening, beauties and gentlebeauties. We've certainly been having a rough spot for a long while, now haven't we? Sure, death is imminent, things feel hopeless, yadda yadda, but why cry about broken ships when the show needs to go on?

As such, I thought it'd be a splendid idea for all of us to catch up with one another and see how our escape attempts are going. Found something interesting? Weapons, food, tools, interesting little pathways or things to avoid? Do let the rest of the class know!

As for me, you've probably noticed a little light in the sky guiding you home. [It doesn't show from the feed's angle, but for the past several days he's been projecting a star high into the sky to help keep any explorers be correctly oriented during their search.] You're welcome, by the way.

But I've ALSO come into the possession of a few little toys. [Into frame, he pulls out what looks like, and is, a pulse rifle that most certainly belonged to a prison guard at one point. He runs his hands along it like it's a game show prize.] THIS is only one of TWO that I'm willing to offer to a sweet SOUL in need of a little extra protection. For those more physical, [again, he reaches off screen and pulls out another weapon previously belonging to the guards: an electrical pike.] We have this. Don't worry, there's no price. Your adoration is its own reward. Let me know if you'd like them - first come, first serve.


So what say you, darlings? Find anything good thus far?
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a few things, in order of importance:

- if you are injured or have healing abilities of any kind, respond here to seek or offer assistance.

- who among us is presently unaccounted for? if you are searching for someone, please give their name or magitek identifier

[he means username......ah, the joys of a lowish-tech world]

- with the recovery of my scrolls and ink, i am capable of providing supplies in limited quantity. should you have a request, state it here.

- i can also provide a means of transportation for anyone whose injuries will require time to recover, even with a healer's intervention

- if you lack basic weapons proficiency or abilities with which to defend yourself, DO NOT travel alone under any circumstances. if you cannot find somebody to go with you, you may contact me. i will send an ink clone to your location.

- finally, be wary of the corrections officers. i realize many among you will feel an obligation to protect them and that it will be unproductive to discourage you,
[he learned that lesson in Perdition's Rest] but remember that they intended to leave us for dead within this labyrinth. they may be trapped with us now, and perhaps have information we can use, but they are not to be trusted.
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So just as a heads up, something is up with the walls in this place.
I can't see a damned thing past them, and I've already tried my luck in hopping past them too.
Not working.

So the old fashioned way is, unfortunately, looking like what we're doing here.
Which I'm not real keen on, but I reckon there's not much to be done about it other than just pointing out what I'm noticing here.

That about covers it. Otherwise: yeehaw, we escaped, kind of.
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Hello, Audentes. For those of you I have yet to meet, my name is Lucina. I come bearing news.

I have spoken to a Zymandis agent. They are here, alone, and the jewelcomms are what notified her to our presence; she was willing to answer my questions, and in return, asked the same of me. The following is what I learned:

They seem believe that the Timeline is ill; the multiverse no longer has the energy to sustain itself, and will eventually meet its demise. Given this, their mission is to destroy everything, so that the Timeline will be reborn stronger.
[ Those familiar with her should know there's a certain level of anger in her tone, text or otherwise. ] At least, this is what their Timeline.exe has told them— not only so, the original Timeline.exe, as well as its "update", were created by the same individual: Theodor Arbatel, their "Leader".

If anything requires clarification, I will try my best to answer them.

( ooc. the thread is here for the curious. while i've gotten a lot of info the thread is currently incomplete, so there may be delays in getting to questions from characters!! otherwise feel free to threadjack / etc. )
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[ Someone's having a good time in solitary. ]

I can feel it calling to me. Byfrost. I must find it. I must have it again, soon.

The cell is quiet but it is loud it is too loud
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Attention all Audentes members:

To those of you who were already aware of Anakin Skywalker's intentions and the origin of the riot earlier today, I am here to report that the plan was successful.

To those of you who were not made aware, earlier today Skywalker and I made our way to an escape pod and he successfully boarded and escaped the prison. He is on his way to ALASTAIR to inform them of our situation. The riot successfully masked our passage and he escaped without anyone in pursuit.

Although this was a flawless success, I caution against waiting for ALASTAIR to show up as we have no idea how long it will take Skywalker to reach them. Now is not the time to grow idle.

Some of you might be surprised to learn that as it turns out, escaping from a prison in space is neither impossible nor something that can be accomplished by method of sitting around and doing nothing. A startling conclusion I am sure.
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[ waiting and watching, that's Loki's ultimate goal. there's opportunity somewhere in here, but while it waits for itself to rear its head, he has his own means of entertainment. ]

Hello Audentes, isn't this a pickle we're in? Metal bars are a tad bit extreme, IMHO. Stealing what's already stolen is hardly a crime. I know, I know, I'll save the argument.

Regardless! I've done my share of exploration in our rather crampy quarters, and I can say that we're at a serious lack of entertainment. In order to keep our sanity with the limited reading materials available, I'll be taking commissions for fanfiction.

Terms below:
- Please message me through the jewelcomm - or this post, I'm not picky. I don't have to say "don't make video/audio messages", do I? No video/audio messages.
- Writings usually take from an hour or two to a day depending on the mercurial nature of our fellow inmates or possibility of escape. (Note: all requests not fulfilled by the time we leave will be done in a timely manner.)
- Please specify the popular media, possible pairing, and plot highlights if you'd like to detail them. Our teammates are fair game.
- 1,500 - 20,000 words.
- Trust me on my prose. :)
- I can make it salacious on a scale of prude to Fifty Shades.
- Payment can be negotiated.

And there are five current slots!
1. Odinson
2. Sieglinde
3. Genos
4. Skeleton Fellow
First come, first serve! Toodles!
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hey guys listen, i know kagari suggested no jewel comms but it’s an emergency
i need to know what are some fun party games to play in solitary
games not involving cards, i asked the guards for some cards and apparently that’s not allowed for some reason
or wait how about this, teach me your favorite song. i did all the ones i know like 10 times each already, the guards requested i learn new ones.
sorry that's a lie actually the guards ignore it, but i like to think they're sick of the ones i know and want fresh material

OR, idea, what if we mount a break-IN mission? break into solitary, get me the fuck out. it’ll be like a practice run then we can get back to work on the break out ideas after that.

ughhhhh did you know it’s me and sigma’s year 1 anniversary, call me fucking crazy but this isn’t how i figured it’d go down