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[ waiting and watching, that's Loki's ultimate goal. there's opportunity somewhere in here, but while it waits for itself to rear its head, he has his own means of entertainment. ]

Hello Audentes, isn't this a pickle we're in? Metal bars are a tad bit extreme, IMHO. Stealing what's already stolen is hardly a crime. I know, I know, I'll save the argument.

Regardless! I've done my share of exploration in our rather crampy quarters, and I can say that we're at a serious lack of entertainment. In order to keep our sanity with the limited reading materials available, I'll be taking commissions for fanfiction.

Terms below:
- Please message me through the jewelcomm - or this post, I'm not picky. I don't have to say "don't make video/audio messages", do I? No video/audio messages.
- Writings usually take from an hour or two to a day depending on the mercurial nature of our fellow inmates or possibility of escape. (Note: all requests not fulfilled by the time we leave will be done in a timely manner.)
- Please specify the popular media, possible pairing, and plot highlights if you'd like to detail them. Our teammates are fair game.
- 1,500 - 20,000 words.
- Trust me on my prose. :)
- I can make it salacious on a scale of prude to Fifty Shades.
- Payment can be negotiated.

And there are five current slots!
1. Odinson
2. Sieglinde
3. Genos
4. Skeleton Fellow
First come, first serve! Toodles!
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hey guys listen, i know kagari suggested no jewel comms but it’s an emergency
i need to know what are some fun party games to play in solitary
games not involving cards, i asked the guards for some cards and apparently that’s not allowed for some reason
or wait how about this, teach me your favorite song. i did all the ones i know like 10 times each already, the guards requested i learn new ones.
sorry that's a lie actually the guards ignore it, but i like to think they're sick of the ones i know and want fresh material

OR, idea, what if we mount a break-IN mission? break into solitary, get me the fuck out. it’ll be like a practice run then we can get back to work on the break out ideas after that.

ughhhhh did you know it’s me and sigma’s year 1 anniversary, call me fucking crazy but this isn’t how i figured it’d go down
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ok listen up, this is actually legitimately important

if this is your first time getting locked up like this, you need to understand one main thing going forward: our lives are less than worthless to these people. every second we're still breathing is a second more than they needed to give us.

i can't promise that we're going to be okay. i don't know if ALASTAIR gives enough of a shit to come for us. but even though i'm not gonna be the guy who has a lot of pretty words to say to keep hope alive or whatever, i do know a few things about staying safe in here. surviving, if this is for the long haul

1) don't make a fuss or be a nuisance to the guards. don't draw attention. the more forgettable you are, the better off you'll be

2) try to avoid using your jewel comms as much as you can. if they realize we're communicating through these, they'll be confiscated

3) DON'T TRY TO BE A HERO. this is the most important point here so i'm gonna repeat it, DO NOT TRY TO BE A FUCKING HERO.

we're not in a fucking action movie, trying to escape or break everyone out will get you in deep ass shit, maybe even made an example out of. don't fucking do it.
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[ Genos is sitting on the floor in a small room, with a mix of confusion and annoyance on his face. There's a lot of yellow fabric scattered around, and behind him, a hint of Saitama on a visible side of the floor; lying down, reading something.

The annoyance comes from losing a fight in which cyborg is participating. With needle and thread against a tattered...yellow...rag? He puts away the needle and presents the rag- ah, it's actually a yellow jumpsuit, full of holes though - to the viewers. Some of the holes are patched up, with the different yellow fabric. The color is close enough, but the texture is different so they do stand out. ]

While we still have some time before the mission begins, and I understand that gathering intel, and investigating the museum is our top priority right now, I still have a small request for assistance

[ He tries to fold the uniform without damaging it further ]

Is anyone here skilled in the art of tailoring, or specifically, fixing clothes? Unfortunately, I do not possess necessary experience and knowledge required to save my sensei's hero suit. Contact to trusted tailor would be welcome as well, but since we don't have much time left, I'd rather not have the suit left behind when we get ported back.

[ At this point Saitama just rolls over and says ]

Genos, stop bothering people about unnecessary stuff.

[ Genos, of course, turns back to him ]

It's very necessary, I know how much your uniform means to you-- [ the video ends before he finishes the tirade ]
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[So, there he was. Sitting at a table. Accidentally ordered all of page two and apparently page three of the menu. Had way too much food. And then up came a centaur, one who has two stomachs or whatever and could, in theory, take care of his surplus food problem.

There's just one problem.]

I offered to split lunch with someone and I think she's going to try to kill me. I might need some help.

[Yes, yes it's real now.]
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It's been awhile since I've done a job this extensive. Lucky for the lot of you that some of us have some experience in this sort of mission.

But I guess that begs the question.

No one's going to lose their nerve over a little five finger discount, will they?

Just making sure we're all committed.
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[ The forge is back to its former smoky glory, for the most part. The anvil's intact and the oven's firing, anyway, and those are the key things. The walls are still slowly rebuilding themselves, but they're largely intact, too. Koltira doesn't look as pleased about it as one might expect. He's carving a filigree into a dagger with a burin; a pattern of intertwining leaves and ivy, something half-remembered from his youth. His jaw is set, his eyebrows furrowed. ]

It seems that even when I try for mercy, chaos reigns. What, then, is the correct course? Perhaps this is the weakness in me, the flaw that Sylvanas spoke of.

[ He digs into the metal, scowling. ]

Perhaps my time here has made me soft.

[ He doesn't sound entirely convinced. He doesn't sound sure of anything, in fact. He's not concerned with the team's moral direction as a whole, or their cohesion as a unit. To his mind, he already exists outside of those discussions. He's in turmoil only due to his own challenged beliefs. A moral compass that was once rigid now has its needles pointing every which way. Should he have killed those Taraxans after all? Is ruthlessness always the most efficient, most productive answer? For once, he doesn't know.

His head aches. He stares up, directly at whomever might be listening.

Now more than ever, he has to distract himself. The hunger gnaws at his nerves. A confusion of thoughts distresses his mind. He needs direction. Focus. ]

It is imperative that I stay occupied. Give me work, if you have it.
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[She's been busy. As always. Helping with rebuilding. But at the same time, she has also taken some time to relax in the aftermath. Resting where she can in knowing things usually get a little crazy with missions and all. It's never easy. Realizing some friends have gone, whether on other missions or that they've gone home again. But she tries to pick herself up each time she finds she can't find or get in touch with one. She misses so many that have come and gone by now, after being here since the beginning. Since the dragons, since Chantes. But it still hurts, even if it does get better.

Which is why she often tries to distract herself. This being one of many attempts.]

I almost forgot! I know we're getting ready for the next mission and finishing helping where we can with the rebuild here at Oska, but. Before we do go, I wanted to tell everyone about an idea I came up with earlier, with Sonia-san. Since I know some of us have been here....a while. And some of us are newer, to get to know each other, or to help each other in being homesick, I thought -- ah, we thought it might be neat if we made scrapbooks! To tell each other and share things about our homes. I know I miss mine, so. I thought it might be a neat idea, if anyone else wants to. We both found some supplies at least. I sort of made a start on mine already.

Um, I mean, I'm not sure how many people might be interested, but. I thought I'd say something in case others wanted to join in and make one of their own too. Like I said, we have supplies, some we got back at Woodhurst. I hadn't figured on where or when to meet yet, if people wanted to, at least in getting the supplies from one of us, but. I'm sure we can manage something. Especially if this is probably something better to wait to really start on till next time we get back to Oska. Um, just...let me know, okay?
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[The camera lowers in on the scene: two chairs are in the courtyard, where two figures are seated. A robot and a fish-troll sit and smile, holding coffee mugs. Words project overhead, reading GOOD MORNING, AUDENTES! before fading out. Cheery music plays.]

Good morning, beauties and gentlebeauties! You know, I've been pondering... There's been many attempts to make this team grow more cohesive - telling one another our personal stories, team-building exercises, holding hands around the campfire and singing songs... While those are ALL well and good, I've found that the best way to properly appreciate a person is more simple than that.

"Why, Mettaton," I hear you ask! "Whatever can you be talking about?!"

You laugh with them!! And thus comes our newest and most spectacular program to date: GOOD MORNING, AUDENTES! [CONFETTI!] After every mission, I, your wonderful host, will be bringing along a new, special guest to give advice to YOUR pressing questions! Who should you be dating? What happens when you kill a ghost? What if there was beer on the sun? You send in the questions, we give you the answers. Think of it as an advice column with a rotating guest.

This week's guest is none other than our very own troll royalty: Feferi Peixes! [Applause.midi] So get those questions started, beauties, and remember: if you think you can do better? There's only one way to find out. [Wink.] Ready? IIIIT'S SHOWTIME!!

[[Here is how this works!! Send in questions here for advice. It's assumed it's going to Mettaton's inbox, so he'll keep every asker a secret unless they say they want to be revealed. Then him and his guest will discuss the question and give their (most likely silly) advice for audience enjoyment and better understanding of said guest! Feel free to discuss said questions/advice below as well!]]
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Good evening. This is Sieglinde Sullivan, the Green Witch, with two questions of great import.

One. Are there any among you who have experience in the permanent inking of flesh?

Two. Are there any among you in possession of a diamond, preferably high quality, that you would not mind donating to the cause of our next mission? In the process of studying the diamond's structure I cannot guarantee it will not be damaged, so please discuss with me your compensation beforehand if you desire such.

Thank you for your attention to these matters.
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[After a long morning of repairs, Jin's feeling chatty: he's taken shelter under the spontaneously sprouting tree in the Oska gardens and sitting with his legs folded. With an eyebrow raised quizzically, he peers into the magitek's "camera".]

So. How many ALASTAIR agents does it take to steal a diamond?

[you're not funny jin.]

Seriously. Seeing as we've all rested up and done our homework-- assuming that you've all gone through the dossier already [with all the intonation of the high school teacher who is definitely expecting you to stay on top of the readings, or so help him]-- we've got some work to do. We've only got a couple weeks to meet up with our analyst on Leramzen, get in, and get out with the diamond. I don't doubt we can manage, but I also know we're a pretty eclectic bunch.

That's a nice way of saying 'crazy mismatched', by the way.

I'm curious, though. How many people have experience with-- let's call 'em requisitions? A mission like this is familiar enough that I'm almost getting nostalgic here, and I feel like some of us might be in the same boat. [He huffs, in what might be the beginnings of a sardonic-sounding laugh.]

It might help us get our plans in order, but if you're sworn to secrecy or don't feel like fessing up for whatever reason... [he shrugs a bare shoulder, head tilting a little,] I get it. It's not the lightest of topics for everyone.
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[ There's a brief beat of nothing before the image focuses on a goat with really big horns that appears to be...eating rubble. It is, in fact, taking large bites out of rocks and chewing it slowly as it stares at the camera (or the person holding the magitech) balefully.

and then the camera switches to Loki, though the goat is still visible in the background. It really is a very, very large goat. like, bear-sized goat. ]

Yes, good job, congratulations, and well done to all of us, I'm sure. And as our efforts to rebuild continue, I would like to point out that someone seems to have misplaced their, ah, pet. If this one is anything at all like the ones I was once familiar with, I would caution any and all who might come across it to take care.

[ As he speaks, the goat has wandered over, and is now trying to take a bite out of Loki's hair. ]

By the Nine.

[ Loki shoves it away, and the goat glares at him again, Loki glaring right back, before it belches out a small plume of fire. Luckily, there's nothing flammable in the immediate vicinity and it goes back to chewing grumpily on more stones. ]

Thor. Odinson. Come retrieve this ridiculous creature before I rend its flesh from its bones and enjoy it for dinner.
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I know there's still a lot of work we need to do to repair Oska, but we need to take breaks too, right?

I have an Xbox so I thought maybe it might be fun to have a games night. I only have 2 games and CoD is probably the wrong tone after we had a big fight already, but I have Quiplash which is way lighter.

Basically it generates a question or part statement and you have to answer it or fill in the blanks with the funniest answer. Kind of like Cards Against Humanity, but you write your own answers and everybody votes instead of taking it in turns. You can just watch if you don't feel like playing so it's a really good group game.

Would anyone be interested in like a night where we did that?
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[ username reads: wanda ]

​​​​[ Having had time to recover from the fight, Wanda looks no worse for wear. She's outside in the abandoned village, out of the glare of sunlight, moving her fingers slowly. Thin red wisps of hex energy weave around her fingers. A small rock, part of a doorframe, and a water bottle are moving in a slow, lazy circle like they're being turned on an invisible Ferris wheel. ]

​​​​[ She's quiet at first, concentrating. Then, she pulls the water bottle into one hand. The other two objects keep circling. ]

What is this called, where you are from?

​​​​[ Her mouth curves in dry amusement. ]

Is it magic?
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[It's a nice hello from your local, not-Zymandis robots! You know, the ones on your side that you shouldn't be slaughtering! Luckily, they look a lot different, right?

Anyway, it's Knock Out and Zenyatta together in a room that looks like it's near the library, and upon the table behind them is one of the Shielders, as well as a T15. Both appear rather... dissected, at this point. Zenyatta addresses the network, while Knock Out, still picking over the insides of the Shielder, ignores it.


Although I know this may not have been a popular topic... I had been interested in the level of consciousness of our enemies. Thank you, Keith, for assisting in not harming these units fatally. With help from Knock Out, I was able to see if the Zymandis robots were capable of any thoughts of their own, or had any direction besides their orders. They did not. Perhaps that is for the best.

[There’s movement from behind as Knock Out finally gives up on his patient (“patient”) and leans in to loom over Zenyatta and share the feed. He looks pretty pleased with himself as he speaks.]

They did bring us a little gift, though. Both of these machines have connectivity ports in them — don’t worry, I’ve disabled the transmitter, they’re only receiving data at the moment. And it looks like they’re receiving straight from Zymandis… assuming Zymandis is a moving point. A warship, maybe. They’re all the rage for destructive organizations. [He pauses to quirk a brow.] So, if nothing else, we know where not to go galavanting off to.
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[For once, Keith is actually alerting people of something from his own magitek! Surprise, surprise. Well, he talks to people enough, but this is a specific thing all in all.

Anyway, here he goes:]


I asked Lloyd if there was any way we can get armor. If you go to Team Kittypaw, they can make an adjustment to your uniform to make it into light armor. It won't save you from explosions, but it should help on the fly.

If you want something bigger, like what I have, you'll have to have the people in the forge make it. I don't know how that works. So that's up to you to figure out.

Right. That's all.

[OOC: essentially, there is a new option under the AC bank that characters have to ask for IC that will adjust their uniform into a kevlar-like light armor (albeit magically). It costs 75 coins. I wanted this announcement here before AC and the AC bank closed, so here it is!]
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There's only a day and a half left!

how have you been getting cats to let you pet them???

[Morality discussions? People worried about going into yet another fight? Not as important as Saitama's goal to pet at least one cat, like, c'mon. Please advise or troll!]
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[Haise has talked with several teammates about the lack of cohesion, and how difficult it is for all of them to coordinate. It was something he'd meant to discuss, or perhaps encourage others better suited, to bring up when they had some down-time. In the wake of a rather heated debate he chose to sat out on, he thinks maybe conversations about how they unify can't wait]

It seems that some of us may be feeling a little hot under the collar after recent events. Since I am an advocate for mercy, and am only alive because as much was extended to me when others may have argued against it, I don't want to touch on moral disagreements. Our stances will naturally differ, because our organization doesn't give us any unifying principles to abide by.

As a member of the CCG, I had very set guidelines to follow. Those weren't all things I agreed with, or felt right about. But they did maintain order, and did keep people safe. They made us an effective team, and more than once it's come up with colleagues here that we might benefit from that.

This was something I'd hoped might come up on Oska, when people had time to relax, but considering the circumstances...

Would any of you be interested in opening that discussion? That is, talking about our backgrounds, where we're coming from, and what we believe. If we start there, surely we can find a way to work together. If we're constantly at odds with one another, that isn't good for anyone. When I first joined, that division was certainly in place, but those I disagreed with still took the time to speak with me, and we did have common ground. I'd like to suggest that, as a team, we try to find that...for all our sakes.

Edit: Although I spoke of my own background in the example I provided, by no means am I suggesting that everyone do the same. Most importantly, we need to establish where we stand on issues we're often confronted with in our line of work. These things would inevitably show in our actions, so speaking on personal matters is not necessary for discussion.
What each of us believes and what course we're inclined to take is what I mean to inquire about.

[ooc: Naturally, thread-hop/jack as desired]
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All right I definitely get that we have a big moral dilemma about the whole thing with the folks in Zymandis breaking out and causing a real mess at Oska and did we do the right thing and now we have a big fight coming up, but I have a real big need here.

I'm out of liquor. Went through it all, it's all gone, and we're still on this cat planet and they don't have anything like, say, cat bourbon or whatever.

Please tell me someone has something.
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[so here's a video of kaz. his st. bernard puppy, barend, is on his lap. look at barend!! isn't he cute? isn't he the cutest puppy you've ever seen? he is so cute, in fact, that kaz brekker, bastard of the barrel is petting him. like, for real, kaz is touching something with a pulse. it's a miracle.

and barend is just so cute right? focus on that for a moment. before you listen to what he has to say. itll put you in the right mindset. remember: chill, cute puppy. that's absolutely the point of this video.



Here's the thing -- [or, maybe, kaz is going to start lecturing because he's put on his "i'm a lieutenant of a gang" voice. it's the same tone of voice he used when he beat up the entirety of the dregs, but he doesn't know that happened yet. one day.] -- when you all wanted to act like killing was the most unreasonable thing a person could possibly do, there was at least a sense that you had the moral high-ground. "Think of Perdition's Rest! We saved people."

[kaz laughs, a little (a lot) coldly.]

Most of you didn't even want think of what kinds of existences you were saving - both there and back in Woodhurst. You'd rather force a man to live through grueling circumstances and inflict emotional pain than have to live with the idea that your precious hands had been soiled with blood. And anyone who suggested otherwise was immediately jumped on because, Saints forbid anyone suggest what you were doing was wrong. What's the point of moral high-ground if people don't recognize your superior position for what it is?

And it has to be self-perpetuating. So in the wake of this announcement, you're all going to find ways to tell yourselves how you did the right thing, how Oska wasn't your fault, how every life spared is the right thing to do under every circumstance. But a lie, even a nice one, is still a lie.

[he takes a deep breath and shifts, enough so that barend jumps off and scampers away to go find something else to do than sit with his scary teen criminal.]

That's not even really the worst part. The lack of cohesion in this team means that mistakes like these are going to keep happening. [he gives extra emphasis the last two words, trying to drive them home] The kind of work we're doing right now is sloppy at best, and we're lucky it was Oska that got hit and not one of these precious planets you've been trying to save along the way. This mistake could have been a lot more deadly, and the next one almost assuredly will.

I know your responses are going to be a mixture of accusing me of wanting power for myself and being heartless for wanting to kill. Let's all just acknowledge it now, together: if heartless and practical are one in the same, then fine. And power? I honestly don't care enough about this team to want it. I also don't care what your final decisions are - only that we should make some attempt to make them as a group instead of this haphazard decision making we've been doing thus far.

[he pauses, shrugs]

Or we can keep making more mistakes -- and then the decisions will be made for us.