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audio; username: hb

[Hellboy is largely uncomfortable putting his face out there for public consumption, so he defaults to audio. His tone is businesslike but friendly, and there's no indication whatsoever that he's anything but human.]

So we've been here about a month now. Nalawi, I mean. Now that things have settled down and we aren't dealing with typhoons and other things [he's talking about parties], we should probably convene and talk about this case.

Has anyone found anything that could point to where their goddess has gone? Things are getting pretty hairy here; I've seen some pretty strange stuff that I think can get out of control if we don't find out a way to help them soon.

Any clues or ideas would be helpful, so don't be afraid to share what you've found. Even if you don't think it means anything, maybe it'll help someone else solve a puzzle.

Even if we can't find a way to bring their powers back, this place is headed for some really bad stuff if we aren't careful. So let's figure it out.
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[ He doesn't normally comment to these things, but things are getting Funky and this guy seems to be the most direct about it so.

But the chances of the stranger getting static from instead of an actual voice is too high, which means - ]

There was an argument in temple. One was wanting to use something to save everyone. Take desperate measures! They were holding something in hands, too.

But the other said they would not be turning back from Nala N goddess.
[ He tried. ]
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Another god...

Ah, I could not. They were wearing hood, and temple was kind of dark.
[ And he knocked over a fruit bowl and almost got caught but that's ... irrelevant right. ]

Do you know the name of this other gods?
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Forgetting a god... [ What an incredibly lonely god that may have been. ]

Our deer friends must in big trouble, if they are turning to gods they did not worship. [ Bigger trouble than what the mission briefing entailed. ]