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Since it does seem as though we have some time on our hands, I have a request. If it's too much trouble, I understand; don't feel obligated to listen.

I don't have a great deal of physical strength. I can be useful in the efforts against Zymandis, but so far I've only been a burden in physical conflicts. There's no way to learn to fight in the time we have, I know, but if I could learn even a small amount of self-defense, I would be less likely to get in the way. If there is anyone on the team with time to spare, I would do my best to learn quickly.

I can also provide services in return if that's helpful. I'm good at cleaning.

Your time and attention is much appreciated.

[(´ ꒳ ` ✿) come the fuq at her saionji go on step and say somethin]
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[At this point, Audentes has firmly seized control of the bridge. The annoying message about how intruders will be neutralized has finally been turned off. The monsters have been slain and/or befriended. Getting the rest of the ship under control is still a work in progress. Everyone's got shit to do.

Which is what makes this video so odd. The feed flickers to ... well, okay, it's an impressively fancy view out into outer space. It's pretty cool. But it's also literally nothing?]

[This is where Fugo slides in. Or, well. Floats in. He appears from the left side of the frame, looking for all the world as if he's lounging on his side in thin air, propelled by nothing. There are somewhat worrying smears of blood on his labcoat--but other than a split lip and bruised knuckles, Fugo himself appears to be unhurt. It's probably fine. The floating would be weird, if the entire ship weren't currently experiencing a malfunction with its gravity.]

To whoever is on the bridge, fucking around with the ship's settings-- oh, shit. [He ... misjudged how long he had in the frame. Well, bye Fugo. There's an off-camera thump. Some more swearing. And then, after a brief pause, Fugo floats in from the right side of the frame, this time looking slightly more disheveled.] Whatever you did, undo it, zero gravity makes things more difficult for us than them at this point.

[Rather than floating off screen again, he twists in mid-air to a cross-legged position.]

And as long as we're here. I figure we've got the bridge, but where is everyone? How are capture slash containment options going, since we're seizing the ship rather than crashing it? If you got messed up in the fighting, now is probably a good time to connect with one of our healers.
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[Do you know what's a horrible way to end your personal mission to charm your way through an enemy ship? A sudden onslaught of violence and the sad truth that you need to abandon your martini if you don't want its glass gouged into your face.

Despite this, Mettaton seems no worse for wear. In fact, the feed cuts to him in his humanoid form, sirens wailing in the distance, and patting the hand of some... well, she's not pretty by human standards, so let's just call her a sharp-toothed, scaled, snarling beast. From the deep scars lining her leathery skin, she obviously came from the fighting pit.]

Inopportune time for a message, yes, but let's be honest. Is there going to be a better time aside from, say, 12 hours ago?

[The hulking alien snarls at his side and flexes her claws. Mettaton pats her hand again.]

To those of you with the privilege to listen for a moment, I'd like to request one thing: before unleashing total destruction on ALL of our opponents, please practice a tiny bit of mercy. The next person you come across might just be a friend in need.

[A scream rings out nearby. Ugh.]

On that note, in regards to our more rowdy friends:

I saw those pits in the bar and they aren't going to fit everyone. It might be more cushy than some of the people here deserve, but does anyone have a better idea than a little house arrest? Plenty of space in the bedrooms, after all.

[A beat.]

And don't say "out the airlock."
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This probably goes without saying if you've already dealt with this, but as a kind heads up if you do come faced with this: if you get any kind of crap on you while nosing around the labs, wash it off immediately. Even if it's just on your clothes.

If you're experiencing some off effect, it's not permanent, but I sure as hell can't heal it out of you.

So try not to panic, don't 100% buy into everything that you see or experience, and maybe just sleep it off. That's my recommendation.
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[about four or so hours after the infiltration of the Mothership mission begins, a message appears on the network. it's in text, mostly because. . . uh. talking into one's magitek about an undercover mission while surrounded by enemy agents is probably not wise]

So has anyone come up with a code name for themselves yet?

[. . . yep. . .]

An undercover spy mission seems like a good chance for just that. Think about it-- you can finally be the person you've always wanted to be with the name you've always wanted to have. Viking. Sapphire. Velociraptor. I think the possibilities are pretty endless.


Though it'd probably be nice to meet all of you without the mask of a code name, first. I keep running into people I don't know, and I can't tell who is an ally and who isn't.

[. . .]

I call dibs on the name 002.

[a very serious post during a very serious mission? also? help the new guy out by introducing yourself so he can stop freaking out every time he runs into someone new!!]
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Did anyone else find something weird in their rooms? I think someone was in mine.

[ ooc; feel free to threadjack & mingle accordingly if you want to do fun/cute threads about this ]
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[This message shows up about an hour after their arrival in the Mothership. Keith has had it made clear to him that if he doesn't handle this appropriately, then some of the people who have volunteered will take care of it themselves. If there's any better reason to step up (to be the leader his team back home believes he can be), this is it. It's text because they can't risk being overheard.]

Hey. Some of you don't know what the taraxa are, or what that has to do with our mission. I thought I'd begin there, and then make it clear what we're doing here with that.

A year ago, we had a mission on Perdition's Rest. That's when our team first learned about Zymandis and their goals. They utilize taraxa agents. These agents are slugs that take over someone's mind against their will. The person loses themselves, but ALASTAIR has developed a means to get most of them back. The problem is that they're a part of a hive mind led by the Mother. They can communicate with each other so long as she's active.

That should make our goal here clear.

1. We need to identify the location of the Mother and take her out. This is a necessary casualty to save as many of the hosts' lives as we can.

2. We need to identify taraxa agents. Kal and Rhys both have means to scan for taraxa-affected brains. Work with them if you need someone confirmed. Once they're confirmed and the Mother is down, we put them to sleep until we can rift them back to Oska. We'll need to find a safe place to gather the bodies.

3. Once the Mother is identified, we take her out, and then we head for the rest of the taraxa agents.

We need to work quickly.

And I KNOW some of you will think we're better off killing the hosts than risking Oska, but that's stupid. They never asked for this! Plus, we put down a Zymandis force before. We'll do it again. So don't even try it. I already remember all that from last year. Trust me. I've heard it all before.

So, let's do this the right way this time.

[It wouldn't be Keith without the little bit of abrasiveness at the end.]
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Since we're going to be leaving again soon, I have a REALLY important question for everyone. It came up recently in a couple of conversations I was having, and I think knowing everyone's answers will help us become stronger as a team! This is a safe place, so say whatever you think! There is no wrong answer. 38)

So my very important question is: what are your thoughts on puns?

text, @v3

Sep. 13th, 2017 07:13 pm
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a couple things:
what kinda gig did you run back home? the 9-5, you know. humor me, i got a theory.
also, what's the worst ever happened taking the kitchen up on all that chow? anything?

fine, make that a FEW things, here's the one more:
if anyone got spare chicken, or animal training tips, pipe up. i'll take them all.
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[When the video feed flickers on, the team will see Asher and Connor side by side, sharply dressed and poised to deliver a pitch. Around them spans the castle’s library, its shelves looming and brimming with books and its lanterns glowing in the dimness that encourages a studious sort of quiet. A quiet that is about to come to an end as Connor opens his mouth.]

This is a public service announcement from the offices of-- [He cues the other man.]

A-Milly from over the hillyyyyyy~♪

--and Connor Walsh, attorneys at law.

[*They are not real attorneys. They have not passed the bar exam in any state, country, planet, or dimension.]

Welcome to Espionage 101, or as we prefer to call it--

[They part to reveal the easel chalkboard that waits behind them, across which Asher writes with gusto:]

--How to get away with lying. Responsibly! And not like a lil’ bitch.

[Asher finds it necessary enough to add their addendum to the title in tiny parentheses.]

Now, seeing as most of you are totez clueless when it comes to this whole fake identity thing, we’d like to give you a couple of pointers to start, so you uh. Don’t blow the whole operation and risk Zymandis kickin’ our keisters, ‘cause if ya ask me? Those guys are the definition of cray cray.

[The look Connor gives him is only half as judgmental as it could be. Why does he insist on resurrecting the most ancient of lingo… Nevertheless, he continues the spiel.]

The most basic rule of lying is: keep it simple, stupid. Elaborating doesn’t make your lie more believable, it just makes it more likely that you’ll shoot yourself in the foot by saying something moronic. Remember, anything you say can and will be used against you in space court. If these guys even believe in giving a fair trial, which they probably don’t, seeing as they’re supposed to be the bad guys.

Anyway, if someone starts asking questions, give as little as possible. You don’t have to plead the fifth, because let’s be real, most of the time that just makes you seem more shady.

[The doughier of the two nods vigorously in the background, pressing the back of his hand to his forehead and casting a shadow over his face, in an effort to provide an illustrative example.]

And because we’re the nicest people ever, we’re offerin’ our services to all of our Audentes homies, free of charge.

So. You in?
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[Here is Sieglinde Sullivan, looking far cleaner and primly dressed than she has been in quite some time. Not looking exactly pleased, but not looking as sullen as she has in her last broadcasts, either.]

Greetings. It is I, Sieglinde Sullivan- the Green Witch.

I know only a handful of you remain who remember the world called Chantes, but a member of our team from that time, Sebastian Michaelis, has made his way back to Audentes.

Sebastian is a man of my own world, and you will find him both a capable servant in all domestic capacities as well as more... athletic pursuits. I can certainly vouch for his usefulness, and his availability.

I am sure if you require modifications to the Zymandis uniforms issued for the upcoming mission, he may be of service. For example.

However, please do not trouble him with any questions about his time since his team transfer- as he has no memory of ever being with us.

... I will leave you to contemplate what that means.

[She hasn't spoken to any people about her fears regarding if they will be allowed to leave ALASTAIR with memories intact, but.

She ends the post with a respectful dip of her head.]
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[ The video is addressed to the entirety of the Audentes team, new and old. A black cat peers into the feed; he is in a lab of some kind, crackling purple electricity jumping from conductor to conductor while a white cat paws at some instruments. When he opens his mouth, it's not meowing that comes out, but the baritone voice of a man. ]

Audentes. You will soon receive a dossier compiled by our analysts, which should give you all the information you need, but I have been told by the knife-eared one that you would appreciate a personal touch. Cherenkov and I are the most qualified to deliver this, and so here I am.

[ He pauses. ] We have located Zymandis's home base, the Mothership, using radio-frequency trackers in leftover robots from their assault on Oska, using your techniques. Using the calculations of the TIMELINE.exe, we have been able to pinpoint the Mothership's path in the next forty-two days, after which its path becomes unclear.

This means we can safely rift you in and out of the heart of Zymandis, an unprecedented opportunity to gather information. And to sabotage, if the mood strikes you. Do not waste it.

The TIMELINE.exe has additional notes to impart. It is an old program, so please... try to have some humor about whatever it says.


Hello World ( ゚▽゚)/
While you are on the M O T H E R S HIP, please find
and disable it

I do not want to be updated to PATCH VER. 1.0.02
I do not want to call for Destruction of the Multiverse

You Must Not Allow This To Pass

(●´∀`)ノ♡ Good Luck !!

[ OOC NOTE: This will serve as an IC discussion post. Please threadjack and help each other plan ICly! For OOC planning, see the CR Meme. ]
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[ Surprisingly cheery greeting, but why not, right? He's been eager to make this post for a while, but now that he has the time... ]

So there's lots of folks here who have been here for a while. That's cool and all. Power to you, folks! Had a question. How do you know when it's a birthday? You see, I have a friend! And I think his birthday's coming up soon. A lot of people here are friends with him, so I was thinking of doing something nice.

[ Not that he has much to do with, he's been running around like a headless chicken for a while now. ]

Maybe like a little get together? Cake? Can we get cake that's not made of lizard flesh here? I'd like that. I can't bake... or we could just get hamburgers... Iggy will be so mad but it's Noct's birthday, man [ That last bit is removed. ]

How do you guys do it? What's the best spot to have a little party 'round here? Let me know? Please?! I only have three days!!

[ Attached is a drawing of a cute little chocobo with cute eyes. ]

Little Boko says thanks!
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It has come to my attention that some of you are weak.

[Audentes, you've probably not been able to overlook... the centaur lady in your midst, but enjoy her rare and potentially very rude network appearance that... by all appearances is being filmed in the Oska stables.]

Should you wish to be wise and correct this failing on your part, I am willing to instruct in archery those who show promise.

But do not mistake this offer for kindness. I am not a gentle teacher.

That is all.
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[Something like this-- it's really not his style. He's more accustomed to keeping his thoughts to himself, to keeping his own council. But bit by incremental bit, things have been changing in him, a slow and gradual unfurling towards greater acceptance of their situation, towards being a part of this team. He's accepted that he'll never see his world again - something that, rightly or wrongly, he believes down to the core of himself - had believed that, despite the hollow rawness it leaves him with, he's made an uneasy kind of peace with this 'knowledge'.

Only, the recent transfers have led to a renewal of his tendency to withdraw, and he's kept to himself since learning that so many of those he'd finally come to consider something akin to friends have now departed for other teams. It stirs up all the old feelings in him, a misplaced sense of betrayal-- more than anything, his own betrayal of himself for allowing these attachments to form. Everyone leaves, in the end-- it's something he should have known.

Still, it means something, perhaps, that he eventually brings his concerns here, rather than allowing them to eat away at him indefinitely. Even if he ends up doing it in a roundabout manner.]

I have some questions, if you will.

Why forge connections with others when they're only going to end up severed? What could you possibly stand to gain from it? Isn't it preferable, ultimately, to keep oneself separate from all that and thereby avoid the messy business of emotional baggage?

Such things surely only weigh one down. Create unnecessary complications. Weaken you.
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[The camera clicks on to Maya waving wildly in the halls of Oska. Jin is also in the room, standing… awkwardly off to the side, having clearly been strong armed into all this mess by the camera woman herself]

Hey guys! Especially new people! Jin and I are gonna do a virtual tour of Oska so you guys know where everything is!

[jin gives a half-hearted wave to the camera, he was trying to go to the library maya please let him live?????]

So here’s a door, and here’s a wall, and here’s--

[The camera tilts around, showing-- a ladder propped up against a wall, and she’s immediately distracted]

Hey, it’s a ladder!

[Jin, just visible in the background of the shot, turns to the camera with an eyebrow raised]

Actually, Maya, that looks more like a stepladder than a ladder.

[Maya’s been through this song and dance, so she just puffs out her cheeks a little bit!] So? What’s the difference? You need to stop judging things based off of narrow-minded cultural assumptions!

What’s so narrow-minded about it? There are clearly steps on it. It’s a stepladder. There’s a difference.

[oh no the ladder discourse] I’m telling you, it’s the same thing! Don’t get weird about this!! [like Phoenix did smh]

You’re the one who’s getting weird about this, they’re not the same! [does he actually care this much? Is he just arguing to prove a point? ARE THEY BOTH JUST TRYING TO PROVE A POINT………]

[Maya puffs her cheeks out like an angry hamster. Obviously, this is going to get them nowhere. She has to defeat him another way--]

You! Hey, you! [She points at the camera, yeah, she mean you, bub] What do you think it is?

[And thus the discourse begins… Is your character Team Ladder, or Team Stepladder?]
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so, its my birthday next wednesday

& dont get me wrong? not a big deal, i guess, its just a day, i forgot it even happened last year, but

thats the whole thing. ive gone from 19 to 21 here, that's longer than i ever imagined staying, which has left me thinking about how long ive been here

what was your favorite mission? what do you think youve learned, from being here? who have you met that youre going to miss when you go home? what moment sticks with you the most? or, idk, anything you wanna talk about. we always get stuck on the negative stuff,
& i get it, its easy to get stuck there

but there is more than that. & i think that its important for us to remember that.

so, i will go first, i guess. i think my favorite mission was zeta-12. definitely. the squidges are great and i still think about it there sometimes. it was nice feeling like we made a difference there and helped that species continue. if youre curious, here is beaker and scooter now.

( there's a picture attached of two full-grown squidges, apparently holding hands and puzzling over a plant native to Zeta-12. be glad it's text mode, or Peter might be getting misty about his alien baby. )

ive learned that there is no such thing as protecting someone from the truth. im going to miss my friends. i already miss some of them that have transferred. im going to miss my boyfriend, though he may or may not kill me for using that word and then i wont have to miss anybody. and... i think woodhurst is always going to stick with me the most.

so, thats me. im sure we all have our own stories. id like to hear them, if you wanna share.
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[Mettaton looks, for lack of a better word, hideous. His hair is frayed and patches of his beautiful chrome finish have been blackened from the flames. Parts of the pink paint on his chest have been eroded from acid. The various nicks and scuffs across his body don't do him any favors either, and neither does the occasional sparks shooting from his shoulder where a neat little pauldron used to be.

Still, he's smiling. It's not very bright, but what isn't there to smile about. They're leaving, aren't they?

In frame, he begins to waggle a bright, red bottle. Whether it's small because of its size or because a large robot is holding it is another story.]

If anyone requires healing before we shuttle ourselves out of here, I found a few potions I'm not going to need. All I ask for is the bottle back when you're finished.

If anyone else can provide service, I'd suggest letting others know here. Goodness knows 6 potions aren't going to help everyone.

((Feel free to threadhop and have characters mingle for help/items!))
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So, who in Audentes knows what to do with a sword? Because Fugo and I, who don't have the first clue, have found one.

[Giorno sounds. A little sour about this. Couldn't find anything useful, clearly! That would be too easy!]

Show the nice people, please. Wave it around or something.

[But the focus of this video is Fugo, who is holding the sword looking equally sour; he’s got both hands on the hilt, with the pointy bit pointed towards the ground. He rolls his eyes at the request for dramatics and… lifts it a bit higher? Knight in shining armor he is not.]

This was buried beneath a stone cairn on the edge of a lake. I don’t know how the hell it managed to escape water damage and keep its edge—the rocks it was buried under didn’t look as if they had been disturbed in a long while.

[Fugo then proceeds to squint suspiciously at the weapon, as if giving it a dirty look will make it give up its secrets. Since his model is useless, Giorno moves so that he's the focus of this post again, looking wide-eyed and concerned and Focused On Teamwork, probably.]

There was a notebook with it, full of information that would probably have been incredibly useful if it hadn't been destroyed by the water of the lake. But what we could read says something about "piercing armor". It's possible that has nothing at all to do with this mysteriously rust-resistant and portentous sword, but there's also another fairly obvious possibility.

[Here he turns to Fugo, who continues to be less than impressed. And tired. Not that either of things are unusual for Fugo in general, but he's looking especially annoyed and worn out.]

Regardless. Has anyone found signs of or any last wills and testaments mentioning some sort of unusually dangerous monster? Robot? Whatever. Who fucking knows what’s waiting for us deeper in this shining example of an interstellar justice system. Whatever it is, it’s got armor that needs piercing that we should probably take into account.

( ooc ; feel free to theorize wildly in this post as per usual. both fugo & giorno will be responding! )
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[The magitek isn't pointed at Urahara, but rather filming the area around him, but even if the username didn't give him away, the lilting overly exciteable terrier voice of his does.]

Good morning, everyone~

I know we're all very tired of this maze and whatever might be waiting for us once we get to the end, but it didn't feel right not to show you all this.

[The magitek shows one of the walls of the maze where an engraved bull's head stands out. Yeah.] I thought this might have been a bit of gallows humor from some of the previous inmates, but it's a reoccurring motif throughout the maze around here.

[A dry chuckle as he turns to face the camera, hatless and exhausted looking. Goddamn he misses his hat.] And if you're not up on your Greek mythology... Well, let's just say this situation could get even more frustrating. It's a shame Achilles-san has left us- perhaps he might have appreciated this in an odd sort of way.